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Hi there! My name is Jennifer and I am one of the newest members to MomTalk and JustKiddin'. I am a 40-year-old mother who works outside the home. I live with my husband of eleven years and our two young daughters. After being a stay-at-home-mother for six years, I re-entered the workforce when my husband was briefly unemployed. When he returned to work, I chose to keep working due to economics and the age of my daughters at the time. I now work as the advertising manager of a community newspaper and appreciate how working has gotten me much more involved in my community. However, I often miss the opportunity to spend more time with my daughters, or to volunteer more time with their school and activities. My older daughter is a 10-year-old fourth grader, and my younger daughter is a 6-year-old kindergartener. Their many activities and my husband’s complicated work schedule make scheduling our number one family challenge. He works a rotating shift in a retail store that includes many nights and weekends. We struggle to preserve our time together as a family and make the most of it, while still finding time to accomplish our individual goals and pursue our favorite interests. My interests include reading, writing and photography. I love taking family photos and completed a Project 365 in 2010, taking a photo a day for the year. It was a wonderful experience to document our life for a year and appreciate all the little pieces of it. I am currently working to put the 365 pictures into a scrapbook…if I can just find the time. I look forward to sharing our journey with you here on JustKiddin'!


Family Planting

One thing that we have really looked forward to in our new home is planting our garden.  We were not able to plant one last summer because we moved into the house too late in the season for a garden.  And with so much work to do on the new house, we would not have had the time for a garden anyway. This past Saturday, I lathered all the kids in sunscreen, armed them with hats and gloves and set them to work in the garden.  Their dad and I taught them how to pull weeds and sow seeds.  They were very excited to get into the dirt and play.  …


End of an Era?

A couple of weeks ago, Connie told me she wanted to quit gymnastics. She had been feeling down for a while and didn’t seem to be herself even before Spring Break. I was determined to spend more time focused on her and get to the bottom of what was bothering her, or just “hold her hand” until it passed.

In one of our conversations, she told me that gymnastics wasn’t fun anymore. At first I thought maybe she just didn’t want to compete. Maybe she could dial back her hours and do it more casually. She refused.

I reminded her of the fun summer camp she was to attend in June, but …


Raising A Helper

Do your kids help around the house? 

I am not talking about because they have to, because they have chores or because they earn things if they do things around the house.  I am talking about genuine pitching in and helping get the job done.  Are your kids like that?  What do you think makes them that way?  How are we to raise helpers?

Sorry.  I don’t have the answers.  I am still asking these questions of myself.  I was however, pleased last Saturday when we were planting our garden.  Adam worked the whole day outside with his dad.  And when I say the whole day, I mean the whole summer …


Kid-Approved Meal

I am not talking about this kind of food!

I would like to share a little creation from our kitchen to yours.  This meal received raves from my kids and I hope yours will enjoy it too.  So you take pork chops and cut them into strips (think chicken tenderloins).  Wrap a piece of bacon around the pork strip and place on baking sheet.  Sprinkle brown sugar across top of the bacon-wrapped pork strip and pat in.  Then sprinkle just a hint of cinnamon across each strip.  Bake at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

They are sweet and savory.  The kids loved them I think because of the …


Connie’s Return to Yoga

It has been many months since Connie attended her “Toka Time,” a kids yoga class that also included special activities with a community-based and/or environmental feel.

After she broke her collarbone, she could no longer attend and the classes petered out. The idea of yoga, however, has stayed with her and lately she has been getting up early to do it on her own.

She has taken over my yoga mat, and remembers enough poses to have constructed a routine. She has also incorporated what she calls meditation, which I think came from TV/movies, because she sits in the lotus position and chants “Om.”

This morning she did her yoga/meditation, then decided to …


New House Pet

Meet our three new fish.

We have a new house pet.  Three to be exact.  Three little goldfish are sharing a fish bowl in our kitchen now.  Back at the beginning of the school year, you may recall me blogging about Anna getting a goldfish when we studied “Gary Goldfish” letter Gg.  Well, he only lasted 24 hours.  I have no idea what happened.  We promised Anna another fish, but time has gone by and life has happened and we haven’t gotten around to it.
Until this past Saturday that is.  We went to the pet store to see if we could …

Resurrection Cookies

This is an idea that I came across browsing the Internet last year, and I tucked it away for the next Easter holiday.  Thanks to a friend’s reminder, I was able to share it with Jared.  We decided that this year we would makes these cookies with the kids.

I have many pleasant memories from my young adulthood about attending Sonrise service at my church on Easter morning.  There was something very special about waking up and arriving at the church before the sun came up.  There was also an excitement in the air as the congregation sang songs and spoke of the home that comes with the resurrection.

I wanted to …


Dad Chaperones the Field Trip

Last week my husband chaperoned our daughter Connie’s field trip. She had come home with the permission slip, very excited about her class trip to Arlie Gardens in Wilmington.

Her teacher must have given a very convincing description of the beauty of the place because Connie wanted to make sure that either she had a camera or, preferably, that Mike or I would come on the trip to take photos. She especially wanted a class photo.

Because Mike gets a lot more vacation than I do, I immediately asked him if he would do the honors. Evidently, he thought the trip was on his day off, and only after he agreed, he …


Home School Support

Well we are just about to round up our first year of home school and I will have to say that I am rather pleased with the results.  We will culminate our year with a kindergarten graduation for Anna Claire…stay tuned for more details to come about that in future blogs.

But today I want to share an Internet site that I came across that you may find very supportive to you if you too are a home school parent. It is North Carolinians for Home Educators, a non-profit organization of other home school moms and dads who want to help.  They offer their advice and support on just about everything …


How Do You Use Leftovers?

I know, we have six people in our family and to have leftovers isn’t something that often happens unless I plan for it.  But after Easter lunch, we had a bunch of ham leftover.  Our neighbors bought a ten pound ham for both families to share and with all of the other side dishes there was an abundance of ham leftover.  My neighbor was going to take the ham bone and make lentils and ham and that sounded very good to me.

However, we have never eaten lentils before nor have I ever attempted to cook them.  But I was in the grocery store buying some dried beans for one of …


Health News

A Living Donor

I have previously blogged about organ and tissue donation.  It is a close …

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