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Hello! My name is Sharon Knosky and I am a stay-at-home mom of three. 5 year old Adam, 3 year old Anna Claire, and 2 year old Thomas. Our family is currently underconstruction again! We added another member to the family in November, 2012. I have just experienced my oldest child graduating kindergarten...words can't even tell you how I feel inside. It is bittersweet? My wonderful husband is the "man of my dreams", my best friend, companion, and soulmate. I love him with everything in me and am so thankful that God has blessed my life with him. We wanted a large family to grow for the the Lord and we are well on our way. I look forward to sharing my family experiences with the MommyTalk site!


Why is He Watching Me?

Zach and Bethany are realizing that their little brother is starting to grow up. He is no longer a baby (and he will tell you that). He is now three. I have told the kids countless times to be careful what they do and say because Timothy is watching them.

They have noticed that sometimes he will repeat what they say or do what they do. Sometimes they will get aggravated with him. They asked me why little kids do this. I told them that it was all a part of the learning process. I informed them that their little brother was looking up to them for guidance; he will watch them to learn how to do something.

They both thought it was kind of strange. They never really experienced this before because the two of them are so close in age. There are seven years between Timothy and Bethany, and almost another two years to Zach. I told them to keep an eye on Timothy the next time we did an activity. I wanted them to see him observing what we were doing and then imitating it.

This weekend we prepared the ground in order to put up our swimming pool. Zach grabbed a rake and began the job. He didn’t even realize that Timothy was standing there staring at him. I ran inside to grab the camera because I knew what was coming next. Timothy picked up a rake and began “helping” Zach. I hollered Zach’s name and then pointed to Timothy. When Zach realized what was happening, he began to laugh. He asked his little brother if he liked helping. Timothy said no and dropped the rake then went back to playing in the sand. He had enough of this work!

How do your children respond to their younger siblings?

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