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Hi there! My name is Jennifer and I am one of the newest members to MomTalk and JustKiddin'. I am a 40-year-old mother who works outside the home. I live with my husband of eleven years and our two young daughters. After being a stay-at-home-mother for six years, I re-entered the workforce when my husband was briefly unemployed. When he returned to work, I chose to keep working due to economics and the age of my daughters at the time. I now work as the advertising manager of a community newspaper and appreciate how working has gotten me much more involved in my community. However, I often miss the opportunity to spend more time with my daughters, or to volunteer more time with their school and activities. My older daughter is a 10-year-old fourth grader, and my younger daughter is a 6-year-old kindergartener. Their many activities and my husband’s complicated work schedule make scheduling our number one family challenge. He works a rotating shift in a retail store that includes many nights and weekends. We struggle to preserve our time together as a family and make the most of it, while still finding time to accomplish our individual goals and pursue our favorite interests. My interests include reading, writing and photography. I love taking family photos and completed a Project 365 in 2010, taking a photo a day for the year. It was a wonderful experience to document our life for a year and appreciate all the little pieces of it. I am currently working to put the 365 pictures into a scrapbook…if I can just find the time. I look forward to sharing our journey with you here on JustKiddin'!


Lie Bumps

“Oh child, you’ve got a Lie Bump on your tongue!” Most parents I know have said this to their child before.

Sikia asked me not too long ago about a bump that appeared on her tongue and my son quickly jumped at the opportunity to let her know that she should stop telling lies because that bump was a “lie bump.” Being the smart girl she was, she wasn’t buying that excuse. I guess she figured she should have had way more than that if that’s what you get when you lie!

I’ve told my children about lie bumps for years! Here’s a little background info about these painful little bumps. According to Wikipedia, the name “lie bumps” is a result of a myth stating that telling a lie would cause a bump on the tounge. Lie bumps are often attributed to irritation of the tongue’s papillae (taste buds) by sharp food or teeth. However, very little has been written about this condition in scientific articles or textbooks and scientific studies have failed to produce a definite cause. Possible causes include: “stress, gastrointestinal upset, menstruation, acidic or sour food, smoking, and local trauma (direct physical irritation) of the tongue”.

I think I’m going to stick with what I learned all through my life. It worked with my other two kids, however, after they figured out it was some mumble jumble, they went back to “liar liar pants on fire mode”, lol.

Did your parents ever tell you some things that you found out later to be mumble jumble? I remember my mother telling me that if you sit too close to the television, that it would ruin my eyes. Or family members would say that if you walk outside barefoot, your feet would grow really big. If that was the case, I should be wearing a size 15!

You all enjoy your day and be blessed!

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