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Hi there! My name is Jennifer and I am one of the newest members to MomTalk and JustKiddin'. I am a 40-year-old mother who works outside the home. I live with my husband of eleven years and our two young daughters. After being a stay-at-home-mother for six years, I re-entered the workforce when my husband was briefly unemployed. When he returned to work, I chose to keep working due to economics and the age of my daughters at the time. I now work as the advertising manager of a community newspaper and appreciate how working has gotten me much more involved in my community. However, I often miss the opportunity to spend more time with my daughters, or to volunteer more time with their school and activities. My older daughter is a 10-year-old fourth grader, and my younger daughter is a 6-year-old kindergartener. Their many activities and my husband’s complicated work schedule make scheduling our number one family challenge. He works a rotating shift in a retail store that includes many nights and weekends. We struggle to preserve our time together as a family and make the most of it, while still finding time to accomplish our individual goals and pursue our favorite interests. My interests include reading, writing and photography. I love taking family photos and completed a Project 365 in 2010, taking a photo a day for the year. It was a wonderful experience to document our life for a year and appreciate all the little pieces of it. I am currently working to put the 365 pictures into a scrapbook…if I can just find the time. I look forward to sharing our journey with you here on JustKiddin'!


Creatures of our Cave

With the high cost of gas, the economy and the nicer weather, I have felt like a “creature of my cave.”  I have enjoyed staying home, playing in my yard, spring cleaning and not going anywhere.  I have tried not to schedule anything more than the basic.  I have probably appeared to be anti-social, but the reality is, I really enjoy being home. I feel better when I can be caught up on everything. (is that possible as a mother?!)

I have been reading a book about living in a hurried world.  A world that revolves around schedules and a busy lifestyle.  A life that we create for ourselves and then complain about.  It has caused me to reflect a lot.  It also has made some things my kids say stick out.  For example, they miss me.  Have we created such a hurried and busy life for our own children that we resent it and they do too?  I am guilty of wanting the best for my children.  I want them to have experiences and opportunities, but not at the expense of our relationship.

I know that my children mirror my attitude and tone.  If I am stressed, I stress them. When I am calm, they are calm.  They look to me as the stable person. I know that I don’t want to teach my children to overschedule or become so busy that they can’t do the things that are most important.  Simplicity is key.  Back in the day, children could entertain themselves with good ole fashioned imagination, a piece of string, a box, a ball, etc.  More isn’t always better.  In our quest for best, we have forgotten to teach hard work, sacrifice, stress management and simplicity.  We live in a “me generation.”  I don’t want my children to have this attitude, so this week was a week of change.  Many hands make light work and a happy mom makes for a happy family!

Have you felt like staying home more lately?  How do you teach your children life balance?  Any tips?

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